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Smog Checks For Loma Linda, San Bernardino, Fontana, Colton & Highland !

Since 2004, we have provided smog testing for you and others in the San Bernardino, CA, area. We accommodate all vehicles, including:

  • Motorhomes and RVs
  • Cars
  • Light-duty trucks
  • Heavy-duty gas trucks
  • Diesel light-duty trucks and cars

Whatever vehicle you drive, we can accommodate you.

Our STAR-certified smog station employs a smog technician who has been testing vehicles since the beginning of California’s smog inspection programs. We know the ins and outs of smog inspections.

West Coast Smog Services in Colton

California laws require many cars to undergo smog checks before they can drive lawfully on state roads. The California DMV requests that drivers use STAR certified smog check centers to perform these checks. As a STAR certified smog check center, our team at West Coast Smog offers a broad range of smog services to customers in Colton, San Bernardino, Redlands, Highland, Rialto, Fontana, and Loma Linda

At West Coast Smog, we're firmly devoted to offering quick turn-around times and cost effective pricing. If you're looking for a smog check facility that values your time, call us today to arrange a consultation with our experts.

STAR Certified Smog Checks in Colton

Our team at West Coast Smog is the perfect choice for the job if you're required to have a smog check by a STAR certified smog screening center. So, exactly what is a STAR certified smog screening center?

  • Needs to Perform to a Statewide Standard for Smog Checking.
  • Designated to Conduct DMV Smog Checks.
  • Monitored and Regulated by BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair).
  • Must Utilize Correct Smog Check Technology to Perform Inspections.
  • Required to Provide Objective and Accurate Services.

Feel free to contact our office if you have any additional questions about STAR smog check centers. We're truly happy to provide additional information about our credentials and services.

Initial Registration Smog Checks in Colton

If you're buying an automobile from another state, or you're relocating to California from another part of the nation, you must perform a smog check on your vehicle before you can register it for California roads. This statewide regulation applies to Redlands, Highlands, Rialto, Loma Linda, and other neighboring areas that we service.

While some exemptions do exist, you'll most likely need a smog check-- call us today if you want to check if your automobile is exempt from initial registration smog checks.

It's vital to pick a smog test partner that offers dependable turn-around times if you want your vehicle on the roadway as rapidly as possible. We value the time and money of our clients-- call us today if you're ready to simplify the initial registration process.

Hybrid Automobile Smog Checks in Colton

If you own a hybrid car in Loma Linda, Redlands, Rialto, Fontana, Highland, or San Bernardino, you value the value of reducing your carbon output. Hybrid cars can in some cases malfunction and begin producing too much smog. By carrying out a smog check, you can feel confident that you're not impacting the environment with hazardous emissions.

While it's a great idea to obtain a hybrid smog check for your own peace of mind, it's also required by California law (in some instances). If your hybrid vehicle is currently eight "model-years" or older, you will need to receive a biennial check. If your hybrid automobile is newer than 8 "model-years," you don't need to stress over smog checks (unless you're buying a used hybrid vehicle from another individual or car dealership).

If you're purchasing a used hybrid automobile from another person, it will need a smog check if it is more than four "model-years" old. Please contact our office for more details if you're uncertain if you need a hybrid smog check.

Diesel Smog Checks in Colton

Diesel automobiles in Colton, Loma Linda, Redlands, San Bernardino, and other parts of California need a diesel smog check to show road worthiness. When you first register a diesel automobile for California roads, you will need to get a diesel smog check. Additionally, you need to perform biennial checks on your vehicle to retain its registration.

Whether you've just purchased a diesel car and need to register it for California roads, or it's been almost two years since your last smog check, our staff at West Coast Smog can assist. As a STAR certified test center, we're the most relied on diesel smog check center in the Colton area.

We can handle all types of diesel automobiles, trucks, and commercial automobiles. If you wish to schedule a diesel smog check in San Bernardino, Highland, Fontana, or other nearby locations, please contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Ownership Changes in Colton

If you're transferring the ownership of a vehicle, you will likely need to have a smog check before you can finish the title transfer. For gasoline automobiles, you're exempt from this requirement if your vehicle is less than four "model-years" old. Diesel cars do not benefit from this exemption-- you must carry out a smog check on all diesel automobiles when you change ownership.

Please contact us right away to schedule a visit if you 'd like to simplify the transfer of your car's title!

Why Choose West Coast Smog for Smog Tests in Colton?

If you're searching for a reliable smog check company in Colton, San Bernardino, or surrounding areas, it's critical to select the best team for the task. Below, let's check out why we're the area's most popular smog checking service:

  • We're a STAR certified smog check center that is regulated by California authorities.
  • We have over 15 years of experience providing smog monitoring services.
  • We do not upsell repair services or other automobile improvements.
  • We do not charge our regional clients for estimates-- we provide transparent rates.
  • We provide a complete range of smog checking services, from hybrid checks to ownership changes.
  • We're fully licensed and insured.
  • We provide trusted and fast turnaround times.

Call Us to Set Up a Smog Check Appointment in Colton

The sooner you schedule a smog check, the quicker your vehicle will be legal to drive on California roads. At West Coast Smog, we're here to help you access trustworthy and economical smog checking services in Loma Linda, Colton, San Bernardino, Redlands, Highland, Rialto, and Fontana. Please call our office today to arrange a smog check appointment-- we don't charge for quotes!

*Most 2000 and NEWER GASOLINE POWERED CARS, SUVS & LIGHT TRUCKS, if you bring your vehicle back for the retest within 15 days the re-inspection fee is FREE, you will only pay to transmit the data to the state plus the certificate ($10.75 + $8.25 = $19.00 Cash). After 15 days, the regular retest fees will apply. ONLY 1 FREE RE-INSPECTION FEE OFFER PER FAILED VEHICLE.


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Great customer service. Don was great. Will definitely be going back for my next smog check. Thank you!

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katrina gutierrez

Friendly and efficient.

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Karen Schiller

I came to get smogged wonderful service didn't pass but got fixed within 15 days and git a free retest and passed. Would recommend this place to any and everyone and will be returning here again!!!!

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CiCi Nosferatu Phoenix

I take my 3 Hondas here for smogs. Great service.

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Elizabeth Sneed

Clean waiting room and good service.

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Shari Currall

Raffa was awesome totally honest I don't know anything about cars and I went there I was told one thing was wrong and ended up just needing a tire that was a great day.

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Maiy Maiy

Great place , very quick and professional, cheaper than most places for smog checks, would highly recommend 👍🏼

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Came to get Smog Test. Don was quick and efficiency and they have free popcorn so will bring next car.

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Rural Polis

This is where I've been going for years and I've always been happy. Be sure to make an appointment via telephone so your visit will be quick.

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